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Untitled Otalia Ficlette
Kahlan Amnell

Author: meatisadelicacy
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia, por supuesto
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: The ladies are owned by P&G and Telenext Media, not me, unfortunately. (Insert big dramatic sigh here).
And also: I apologize ahead of time.

They were nervous, the tension in the air crackling between them, as if they were lightning bolts in a stormy sky instead of two women.  Both found it hard to believe that they had made it this far, yet neither was willing to vocalize their reservations.  Now was not the time for hesitation.  There was no need to over think, overanalyze.  They needed to trust that their bodies would know what to do.  Certainly they would recognize when to be soft and gentle, and when to be firm and rough, going in for the kill, so to speak, even if the stakes had never been higher.

The women took the time removing their clothes.  Outer layers were peeled away, leaving only the tiniest pieces of fabric covering the most intimate of areas.  Trembling hands wrung together, unaccustomed to this feeling of nervousness.  They’ve both done this before, right?  Granted this was their first time together, but still, the mechanics would be the same.  They were partners now.  They just needed to be open and communicative and everything else would come in time.  If not, practice makes perfect, and these two were certainly dedicated to making their coupling work. 

They stood facing each other, seeing nothing but trust and confidence reflected back in a steady gaze.  Both women were starting to sweat, a fine sheen covering exposed skin.  This was it.  They had survived each other, through more than a year of fighting, frustration, and fear, and no one was more surprised than they were to be together in this place and this time.  Green eyes met brown, hands locked together in a vice like grip, nothing could stop these two women tonight….

“And now, representing the United States of America in their Olympic Beach Volleyball debut, give it up for Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer!”



Author's Note: God damn, I’m funny.  Sorry, everyone.  It’s late, and I was watching 03/10 part 2.  These things happen (don't hurt me). 

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(Deleted comment)
So cute!!!! Lord we need these cuties now and again with all the angst going on onscreen and in 90% of the fic!

Thank you!!!

I agree - we definitely need angst relief. Those writers at GL are killing me (and I'm glad you liked it).

Thanks, I was afraid people would call me other names, so I appreciate it.

You are so WRONG! But damn funny. This made me giggle. Thanks.

Thanks! Yeah these two are definitely going to give me an ulcer.

(Deleted comment)
I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

(Kryten voice) You. Are. Sick!

[“And now, representing the United States of America in their Olympic Beach Volleyball debut, give it up for Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer!”]

You've got a sick, twisted sense of humor!

I like that.

Re: (Kryten voice) You. Are. Sick!

It's true, I do.

Ha. You clever little dickens you!.. Loved it!

ROTFLMAO! *gasping*

Awesome! Just awesome! Thanks for sharing. :o)

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!

that is so twisted.. but still so good and funny. ROFL.
comic relief is definatly needed in the otalia storyline.
Loved it.

I'm glad you liked it. We definitely need a break from the angst, even though it hurts so good.

oh that hurt! you are so bad lol

But the good kind of hurt, right? :)

I'm sorry but your are brilliant! Just so damn brilliant!

I must friend so I can catch everything as soon as you post it!.:-)

Aww, thanks. I'm not brilliant - I just get a good idea every now and then. Thanks again!

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