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The Panic Attack - GL Ficlette
Kahlan Amnell
Title: The Panic Attack
Author: meatisadelicacy
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Rating: G 
Spoilers: None – set in an arbitrary and happy future. 
Disclaimer: All characters are property of P&G, and Telenext.
A/N: Not at all beta'd - lemme know if you see any mistakes. 


“Olivia, breathe!”  Natalia grabbed the older woman’s arm, guiding her to a nearby bench.  She rolled her eyes.  “Do you need me to find a paper bag?”

It was a beautiful day in Springfield – the sun was shining, birds were singing, and Olivia Spencer was having a panic attack.  A full blown, heart hammering, palms sweating, knees trembling, I’m-about-to-shit-a-solid-gold-brick-and-die panic attack.  After everything she had endured in her life, it was hard to believe that something as pedestrian as this would be the end of Olivia Spencer.  Inconceivable! 

“Sweetie,” Natalia’s voice was as soothing as the hand rubbing circles on her back.  “We talked about this.”  And they had.  They had spent countless hours yelling, finger pointing, crying, then finally talking and listening.  It had all been moot – Natalia wasn’t really pregnant with that man’s child.  By the time they had found this out though, Olivia was completely in love with the idea.  She imagined mornings taking care of her nauseated partner and midnight runs to the grocery store to satiate unusual cravings.  Not to mention the hormonal cravings she might need to satiate on other nights… 

Though there wasn’t technically a loss, both women felt heartbroken.  They still wanted a baby together.  Natalia prayed that she would have green eyes like Olivia, and everyday Olivia told her partner’s growing belly that she just couldn’t say no to dimples.  As they day drew nearer, the women almost had everything they needed – a crib, car seat, changing table, clothes, bottles, the whole nine yards.  They just needed a few more things, besides the baby of course, which is what lead the duo out of their home this morning. 

As the green-eyed woman tried to get her breathing back under control, she realized she didn’t know who she was anymore.  Olivia had always felt that her identity was defined by the ability to get men (and on occasion, woman) and be desirable, and she enjoyed having that power, even if she was strictly a one-woman woman these days.  She would never cheat on Natalia, the thought had never even crossed her mind.  But Olivia enjoyed being wanted, it was fun and thrilling and if they went through with this, she wouldn’t be any of those things anymore.

Olivia looked up, her eyes squinting as the sun reflected off every shiny surface.  “I don’t know if I can go through with this.”

“It’s a little late for second thoughts,” Natalia said, rubbing her hand over her large stomach. 

The older woman smiled, and then placed a kiss on her wife’s cheek.  “Not this.”  She covered Natalia’s hand.  “It’s just…” she trailed off, having a hard time finding the words.  “This isn’t me.  I don’t think I can do it.  It’s not right.”  Olivia was working herself into a full blown rant.  “It’s like mixing oil and water, or cats and dogs living in harmony, or maybe Cardassians and Bajorans forming an alliance…” 

“Carda-who?” Natalia interrupted.

“Nothing!”  Natalia didn’t need to know all her embarrassing little secrets.  Olivia took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts.  “I’m sorry.  I thought I could do this, but…”


Olivia was practically in tears.  “I just can’t!” she finally screamed out, drawing the attention of a group of people who happened to by passing by.  “Please don’t make me.”

Her voice was small, begging, and it made Natalia’s heart ache.  Then the younger woman realized what they were talking about and shook herself.

“You know, I think you are going to be the bigger baby when this child is finally born.”  Natalia looked straight ahead, ignoring the woman next to her, but she was struggling not to smile.  She bumped Olivia’s shoulder.  “It was your idea in the first place,” she reminded.

The hotel owner sighed.  “I know and I’m sorry.  Please don’t make me.”  She asked with such an even combination of fear and hope that Natalia couldn’t help laugh at the ridiculous situation Olivia managed to create for herself. 

“It’s fine, Liv.”  Natalia decided to put her partner out of misery.  Olivia sat up higher, as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Each ‘thank you’ was coupled with a kiss, and Natalia could only giggle at the other woman’s antics.  

“All that over the thought of buying a minivan?” 

Olivia shuddered as she heard the word ‘minivan.’  “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that.”

Natalia snorted, her hands flying to cover her face.  Wiping the tears from her eyes, she finally got herself back under control.  “I just have one question.”  Olivia turned away from the SUV’s she had been eyeing and gave Natalia her full attention.


“When were you going to tell me you were a Trekkie?”  Olivia groaned, burying her face in her hands.  It just wasn’t her day.  “I mean, you think you know a person…”


The End.


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or maybe Cardassians and Bajorans forming an alliance…”


I love the idea of Olivia being a Trekkie... and of Natalia knowing what a Bajoran is when it's at home!

I could totally see Olivia having a deep, dark secret like that. Thanks for reading.




"I mean, you think you know a person..."

Perfect way to start the morning, thank you!

I'm glad you liked it, and your icon is perfect. I just get the feeling Olivia would appreciate Seven's implants. The borg ones, of course ;)

That was absolutely adorable. And I can totally see Liv throwing a fit over the idea of a minivan. (And, actually, as a secret Trekker.)

Great story. Loved it.

Thanks! Yeah I just don't see the smexy Olivia Spencer in a van. It's wrong.

apparently, she's also a fan of The Princess Bride... *grin*

i love the idea of Olivia being a closet trekker... *lol*

thank you for the laugh :)

Humperdinck! Humperdinck! Humperdinck!

really funny. i don't see olivia in a minivan either.

Thanks! There's no way she'd be caught dead in a minivan.

ok that was hilarious too cute

Thank you, I appreciate it.

yes! a thousand times yes! trekkies unite! and keep olivia away from the screaming eels! and they could get an SUV, right? that would be like a compromise! yay happy otalia!

Ah the screaming eels! I think an SUV would be totally fine. One thing for sure though: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

yes, i believe that would be inconceivable!

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! perfect!!!

Thanks! (what kind of cookies?)

Such a sweet story! Camp is good! Camp is great! Anything to get away from what the GL writers are doing to 'our' girls!

Thanks for a sweet respite! Please write more of these!

I am glad you liked it. All I can come up with these days are ridiculous stories about future happiness, cause I don't care what the writers do, that's how I'll think of them, damn it.


Great sense of humor - more please?

Thanks - I'll try.

Olivia Spencer, Closet Trekkie.

You, my dear, are brilliant! Too, too funny. And yeah, I can see where a minivan would send Olivia over the edge. It would me.

More, please!

Oh some things are harder to come out about than others, and I think Olivia would struggle with this one. She'll feel better now that Natalia knows.
And thank you, I appreciate it. I'll go watch some Voyager and see if I get inspired to write more.

If they have a daughter, are they gonna name her Ziyal?

Natalia gave herself away as a dilettante when she said Trekkie instead of Trekker, eh?

So nice to laugh and smile when it comes to Otalia for a change. Thank the prophets for fanfiction writers like you!

How about Laren? She was my favorite alien hottie. As for Natalia saying 'Trekkie' instead of 'Trekker,' that's just my preference, I dunno why. Thanks for reading! And 'thank the prophets' - lol

this is adorable.

and I would so buy that Olivia is a trekkie at heart

Thanks! Can't you totally see her scheduling meetings at the Beacon around her Star Trek time?

yes. and I can see her sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to catch a rerun.
Or actually go to a comic-con and saying that she has to go to a conference for big ass hotel owners.

Olivia Spencer having a panic attack about buying a minivan. She's so cute! And she's a DS9 fan. Heh. And Nat totally busted her on it. Hee!

Oh my god, we're in a fight! Your icon is so offensive! I'm a Bears fan who went to college in WI. It's just wrong! (but secretly hilarious and I'm jealous I didn't think of it)

Eek! Sorry about the icon, but I can't take all the credit. "Packers won the Superbowl!" is a punchline used occasionally on MST3K. It always cracks me up, and I thought it would be funny to put it on that cap of Olivia looking all 'Yay!'

I'm actually not really much into football, but I'm from New England, so I'm a Patriots fan by default.

Ah, okay good. I respect the Patriots. We are not longer in a fight ;)

So the minivan is a threat to her image... but the kids, the wife, the farmhouse o' love, and the fact that she's completely whipped are all totally fine. LOL!

Wouldn't YOU be threatened by a minivan? They're just awful.

ok, that ending was really REALLY funny!

why thank you. anything to help with this angst lately, ya know?

That was super cute. No minivans for Olivia.

Thank you, I appreciate the comment. And I mean really, there's no way she'd be caught dead in a minivan :)

OMFG! this had me laughing hysterically!

freaking out over the minivan...

Cardassians and Bajorans... (DS9 was my favorite, y'all!)

Natalia's Trekkie comment...

For. The. Win. :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and don't tell anyone, but I've never seen a single episode of DS9. I love me my Voyager.

well, you're missing out, honey! Odo/Kira is my one het pairing :)

Ack! Breeders. I just enjoy the Janeway/Seven subtext. Mmm.

oh, don't get me wrong, I love me some Janeway/Seven! i've written for them :)

(but, Odo/Kira is still hot, imo)

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